astral eventcalypse horizon

we descended from the tower, through the empty stairwell. By the side of the concrete steps, the phones, touch screens, ipads and machines of tech were arranged like tetris bricks, for us to step on. It was as if we could not make contact with real ground, and our bare feet activated various programs and recorded our 'music' for a post-world to discover. 

on some rooftop now.

even though the zombie apocalypse happened and was now the 'quiet' time between the terrors, we still had to pay for our soupy meals from the food court. Strange herbs was given to my soup, the man serving me was compassionate, offering me extras as a loving sign of 'go forth and do what you can.' I carried my large meal bowl (unsure of its main contents) and went inside the court with a friend to say goodbye to her grandfather. I knew it was the last time seeing him, as it was the last time seeing everyone in the world. It wasn't like the world was going to end, but whatever we were off to do would change everything so significantly that the same was not something to be expected. 

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