astral layers

The gateway was the dream. From the dream, I entered reality and into her house. She wasn't home at that time so i entered her bedroom and locked the door. I started to undress…

from the gap below the door, I saw her shadow move and she tried to open her door. I panicked, struggled to put on my clothes as I knew she would get down on her knees outside to look beneath the door. 
I got down on my knees at the same time she did, and she peered in and I raised my hand to say hi, hoping she wouldn't freak out. SOmehow the gap beneath the door was raised. I tried to explain to her, that "from the dream, I had entered reality.'

Then i realized I was telling a friend about this incident on the bus, and decided it was, "inception.' I was saying, "Once i was aware I was in a dream, I entered into another dream." In my head I wanted to call another friend , to spread this news. and the neighborhood i was in, in the dead of night, with only a few lights on in the towering buildings of darkness, was a place i've come to before. Lost in its concrete and palm tree jungle, its blacked out swimming pool, i was here before I know it, looking for drugs and pills and secret rendezvous. My ex-drug dealer was under another block and I was consuming the mind altering substances with people I didn't love. I loved my ex-dealer though and i felt slightly bad that I did not let him partake in the mysteries. IN my mind i knew that this drug related activity had caused the gateway of the dream into reality to happen. 

I also love the woman whose house I entered. I wish she had let me stay in her room….

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