prophetics astral space

The labradorite wouldn't let me sleep.Too strong for direct contact beneath the pillow so after nearly 2 hours I excavated it and placed it by my side table where the tarot cards and ascension altar rests. 

then came the dreams. 
The first was the most powerful. A girl with long hair, sepia storm, dust storm, sand storm throughout the empire. 
the castle could barely hold off the ferocity, the underlying zeitgeist. 
it felt like the storm belonged to the girl
that it came from inside her. She was possessed by the storm (or did she possess the storm itself?)  
there were deep chambers, walls that were alive, breathing heavily. 
then long roads with houses thick with plant growths, overpopulated, hanging vines and foliage. roads unending, lost, wandering in all directions. 

the old house
the old master bed room 
in there, the art store man in black sat on the floor before a raised altar 
I took down the oracle cards for him tried to explain why I had divided and separated some of them, for what purpose, for what ritual
in the end he just took over, and In my head i broke down the system and decided that there was no more need for the division
let the man do with the cards as he pleased. 
My mother came in and out of the room, or rather appeared and did not appear…
hint of other spaces but the memory escapes me
not yet perhaps
not now.

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