arc dream Jan

quantum tunnels in a beige room (funeral parlor or evacuation chamber?) maybe they're both the same thing. The commanders were there (dark skinned cosmic military men) and the tunnels, though not obvious holes in space-time,   took anyone riding it to another space, faster than light (at the end of the sequence, I said to myself, "The soul body is faster than light) I had suggested taking a ride in the tunnel then laughed nervously as the commander (who was leaning against the wall) reminded me that, "with even a small meow, you'll * words here not spoken but implied total disintegration of the body because of the cosmic speed* Then there were twin  mongol shamans facing each other with one arm raised in front of their faces. The length of their arms looked fused together and they performed some kind of magical ritualistic dance. 

my cousin, another military man was preparing to have his cards read by me. IN my head i was thinking of the deck to use and the right one appeared in my mind and I chose it. He said something about me being psychic and "Saint peter will telephone and 'reprimand me' for me being psychic. I said to my cousin, "Who could raise the dead? Who could resurrect himself?" and as i drifted back to reality i finished by saying, "who could place the earth in an organized orbit and not let it hit other planets?" 

a girl spoke about commas, and how it changed the 'programming' of the sentence which changes the programming of consciousness/ 

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