the night before

the boy who was a girl was with me though we did not talk. we had come from a house though the memory of that event escapes me. we traveled out from a road that lead through a heavy nature area with tall impending trees. There was a coffeeshop by the main outskirts and he had gone into the right one (for what i do not know.) I entered the left. there was a sense of grime and dirt oil smeared on the walls. Something unwashed about the whole scene though not necessarily unclean. 

Then I entered the cubicle. By then i was already turned on by the erotic filth. There were two manholes in the ground, in my mind, i knew  the second one was where the boy/girl was next door. Mine had a stench rising out of it and i knew that it led to a subterranean sex place. It was a dank downward rabbit hole like vertical tunnel that was supposed to lead to he bottom filled with black feces. Halfway down the tunnel were cavern windows and inside one of them I had a glimpse of the victim, naked, taped in silver, in a chair, awaiting her ordeal….

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