the naked obese man waddled out from the glass house, unto the field and towards the console. I had an electronic composition playing and had gone off to attend to something else ( I was involved in the occurring event, dressed in a black shirt). I watched that gross  long haired man with mounds of fat with an obscured vision  (obscured partly by black wall) Before the red console that seemed small from my location, was a vast field that led to a mystical forst of sorts (I did not focus on the density of the trees and the greens ahead) I complained to the organizer, "What If i invited 5 investors and they saw him like that?" It felt like there were rea investors watching in an unknown location, judging the situation. 

I left and went through the glass house down a flight of stairs (It seemed that the field was the roof top and we were in a multi-complex swimming center. ON the next level down, from the corner of my eye, I saw two foreign nationals in blue cleaning jumpsuits. One was kneeling in front of the other (who was standing) and in my mind I knew a blow job was happening. I chose to ignore it and walke doff to the left hand towards the children's pool. it felt now that i was a general supervisor in this complex. There was a man in a wet suit in some kind of black cocoon, demonstrating or testing the breathing apparatus designed by a young boy. The man put the breathing component in his mouth, removed it (there was a red button on the front) and said to no one in particular, "it's ok but a bit weak." There were ghostly snippets of children moving about him. 

My mother was with me and we were in a room now, with sunlight spilling in through windows obscured by a black curtain or at least a curtain in shadow. There was a man there, with a strange angular face and he spoke in a language i did not understand though at times he used english and mentioned M.O.E (ministry of education) In my mind i was noting that my mother is a teacher and he is a teacher too.  

another scene had a friend (S.A.Y) sitting in a meditation pose before me. I was running through an energy exchange procedure with him, explaining to him that, "I'll raise his healing energy inside you." an agreement was made in a split second and in my meditation pose, i connected my finger to my thumb on both hands and circled the energy through me then out of me into him. I could feel the intensity of the exchange and in my minds eye again I saw the green fields for a second or two. 

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