an arc emphilion dreaming

it was some sort of carnival. Maybe on the rooftop of a skyscraper, I cannot tell. 

The section I was in was the divination sector. A table of Tarot  card readers was busy with clients. several decks were opened, several readers, mostly young, were contemplating cards. 
I moved around them, commenting on the spreads and even getting involved in one reading where ii had to sit down. In my mind  i didn't wish to work but found myself taking over a chubby and happy reader. 

Then i was at the table of another energy worker. Her table was larger than the divination table. There was a book i was holding on to, or some kind of magazine. The pages and illustrations were largely yellow and light colored. Gazing unto the pages, I felt its vibrations strongly. I reacted loudly and amazingly to it. I had to contain its energies. The energy woman looked tired somewhat and i asked her vaguely even if it's star energies, we should contain it?" She said yes while i was pointing both my hands in a gesture of containment around the book, as if charging up the pages. 

was there a father / business men in a suit somewhere in the vicinity? I recall children, vaguely. ultimately, I didn't know where i was or what went on after….    

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