dedication to the heavenly rider.

You called out to me in the dream. You were risen above and I believe you wanted me to visit you. 
But i couldn't find the escalator and the lift was going the wrong way.
There were flags in the building and there was art. 
I think they were all for you. One great flag for every road trip taken. One art work for every adventure sought. 
They were al for you I reckon, You, The rider in the sky.
I cannot remember 'wild times' in our youth but we had our moments. 
I cannot remember our conversations but I remember the smiles. 
I remember your blue art bag made from vanguard sheet and it was drawn the guns and the roses in a circle you drew with a string and a pencil. 
That was a smart move my friend. 
So t here you are now and here we are even though there'a no separation. 
It would be normal for us to miss you but i do know
that when the cosmic calvary is truly needed
we'll certainly see your face again. 
hi, ho silver my brother. 

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