A dedication to my little star.

She sits by the bonfire and it's almost as small as her.

Is she three days old? three weeks? To me, she's a tiny star soul in a pretty pink dress. Maybe blue.

and she giggles the way light might laugh. Her eyes shine. There's a long, deep life in her eyes even  though she's so very young. She sits by the bon fire and it is night. 

We are in a circle drawn in the sand. We sit by the sea counting the lights of the ships on the horizon.  It reminds her of stars. 
"You're not out there, " I tell her, ""but up there." She lays down , her hands behind her head and counts the stars. She is too young to speak. She only smiles and laughs and shines with her eyes. 

She has been with the stars. She has gone home and she has returned. SHe is here and she is not here. I do not know her name but I know her spirit. 
HGer spirit is a bright fire. Her spirit keeps me safe. Her spirit is with me till the end of time because together, we live beyond time, beyond distance and beyond the illusion of death. 

I love you my little princess. I always will. Take care of us all my little star because it's times like this when we need angels the most. 

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