The dreams are getting harder to decipher.

I was in a goods elevator that looked like a cold turkey room with dark blue padded walls .With me was a prisoner, chained hand and foot,  in a blue jumpsuit. He was a celebrity killer. Two guards held his arms tightly. There were office workers with us and they seemed unaware or unafraid of the killer. I was in front of the prisoner, ready to divert the attention of the media once the doors opened.  I watched the lift numbers count down to one. 

The door opened. 

we were outside a hospital. As we exited, only one reporter came rushing out of the sliding doors but didn't get to the prisoner for questions. we moved off to the right and then we were in the basement. It was an advanced high tech location. There were sophisticated engineer/guards, walls of equipment, dials and lights and flashing screens. There were children there running about. They were in hospital gowns and they were also delinquents under guard. a voice on the  P.A announced for them to return to their rooms. We passed by beds, there was a giant of a man in one of them, his arms and legs were elongated out of proportion and he was chained to his bed. He sat up and next to him was another bed with a foreign dark skinned woman. She spoke to him in Bahasa indonesia and he replied asking for the guard. 

I lost sight of the guards taking the prisoner through the basement.  Which door did they go through? 

I found myself in another section of the place. There was a special room filled with shelves. These shelves had bags and its contents laid out. There were Discs with data on them and items in small packets for sale. I could not identify the products. Somehow i knew we were in a recovery room of sorts. These things belonged to people who were survivors of some transportation catastrophe. LIke a ship that had sunk with it's passengers and relative items extracted, processed and detailed in a 'crash room.' There were many people around, some i knew some i didn't. I saw my own drawings from my bag (which was not there) and i saw things belonging to friends ut i could not take them with me. They had to recover their own items.  

 I think some of the items belonged to the dead. 

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