The Dream

 of all the grey gatherings
this one is the most condensed
nameless people in a line
passing through the room
where she sat next to me
in her youth, in her glory

her mother passes the table
and she is pregnant and colourful
my girl puts her arms around me
and i put mine around her
and without words
we accept each other
we love.

outside, we bid hello and goodbye
to nameless visitors
displaying our union
our closeness, our desires
we are drunk in love
we are impassioned

like a static
our feelings resonate
buzzing and consuming us
our happiness is electric
astral, undivided

and i feel it's been so long
i feel that it is time
and time makes it all right
we're together at last
it's been so long, but the time is right
time has made the dream happen
the dream is fulfilled.

then sunlight.

oh, sunlight. life giving.
life burning.

ends the time.

waking alone
the night and nameless friends gone
the hiss and embraces, finished
she returns to memory
to fantasy
and the dream, glaring at me,
showing itself for what it truly is

a dream.

how rare the disappointment
how disenchanted and true
how divided reality is
telling you
with it's sickly hues

it's all right.
it's ok.

it was just a dream.

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