Vortex. ON

Great be L.VX.

That which is the LIfe Force.
MOve swiftly within me, within us
like the eternal river of magic and love!

Enter. State.
Gateway redux.
The upgrade is complete
and so do our connections.

Mother Earth, provide for Us.
Father Sun, empower us.

We are your offspring.
We are your Channels. 

Beings, Deities, Gods, Angels. 
Sages, Mages, Kings, Daughters.
|Mother, Maiden, Crone

Shape us into your likeness
Make us with your Light!
Provide us with your Wisdom and Understanding
That we may never Falter along our paths
That we may stay true to our callings
That we may fulfill our dreams and the dreams of the Universe

SO it is!
So be it!



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