renovation evolution

been swinging around a change of head space. monumental miniature paintings moving slowly up the ladder of the snakes. 

technology, you have no idea. just consider the fact that there's a hole in the credit card. i must do at least an hour of readings to cover my monthly bill. 
details will be debriefed soon. 
the art  business must make its opening mark on the 20th. Just before then, all pictures will be up of what's for sale. 
rearrangement of the workspace is on going. a studio tour will be part of a zine. words? been on a quiet front. probably paving streets and alleys in the back burning brain. 
ah the artist life. profound. eclectic. i know, i know i must carry the weight for all of you. just know that in prayers your names come up most of the time. the angels know of your plight. 
ah, the celibate life. i hope all of you are treating your lovers right. 

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