voice of NULL

 There are foreign flowers moving in my blood. In the temporary studio of my sisters house, NULL came back with a host of haunted memories and began painting 'The conference of elderhood.' Then he lashed out a charcoal and pastel rendition of 'the battle for apartments red.' another A1 ensnarement of his intoxicated astral projections. He fell into disrepair   for a while before returning with an image of what looks like 'the angelic enchanter of suffering.' his second official canvas and first creation of the year. Just before midnight he felt the hauntedness of memories over surge and demanded him to leave the house of sudden waters or 'return to the hall of mad sisters.' He chose 'the high bed of home' finishing off the night with a hot drink. A sense of completion will be achieved by the next sundown.,.' were his slurred and dreaming words. 

Posted via email from AFTERVOLTER PRESS

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