loading brain alchemy of poet noise # 5?

Chronic lag of the old machine

click of mouse on a dying screen 

virus worming in wired gut

stagnant codes of bin and dot

boxes filled with throwaway things

poor and lifeless, wire and string 

I stare, I stare

the heart of tablet whir

help, disinfect

communication diseased. 

shoulders knocking each other, no sorry

avatars erase memories.

art showcase fail

delete, delete. 

the signs in the skies are absent minded

be careful of false star systems. 

the light is carried away

blue screen death blue screen death

in search, information highway 

best deals in backwater site

the constructors are married to the mire

forgotten sequence in faded folders.

borne of majesty and miscalculation

ours is the network that shut down. 

reboot reboot, its the safest way.

upgrade, overhaul is the best. 

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