on art and writing in 2010

so you know, how NULL won't entirely remain in obscure fumes of obfuscation and drunkenness. how he insists, through an intoxicated and enlightened state fugue, that creation and magic and art are all the same organic thing. integration and alchemy, he says must be the fundamental thing in the year of the empress (for she giveth birth to the new worlds spawned from within the incubator of imaginasi which is  of the universe (..is mentalism) so the vibrations of creations move and well up and overtake me through the streets and i venture forth to buy A1 size sketch paper. Bigger work, horizons. much needed never forgetting.

The tools of the trade of art remain in their boxes but like the last judgement they are rising from the dead to pay homage to the man on the white horse. 

Throughout the year, i'm dedicating at least once a week, every week to art production. Keep the heartbeat of NULL on, (while he engages in bizarre acts of ritualistic intoxications to attain his visions)

now art is also words and included in this 'map of the current endeavor' are those words of power, solidificated into the epic that is to be edited. scatter shots of written poetry and machine gun mini serials of fiction and even non fiction (for the spiritualist side) so Again like the feeding of the mad artist known as NULL, a day in the week for every week will be dedicated to, at bare minimum, mentally molesting the writing creature inside of me. 

so onward really. a to do list of sorts, first time made public,  for 2010, so to be concentrated upon and met/; for to send this out into the world as a vision list is to ensure its manifestation (tricks for the procrastination nation) so yes onwards. 

on art and writing goals in 2010. 


All working titles and subtext. Essentially remixed from the NULL, NULL 2 and THE FORTY works created over the last 13 months and manifested as an ART /VISUAL ANTI-GRAPHIC NOVEL piece. I'm not sure if i'm explaining it right but the thing is, when its consumed as a whole or randomly, the 56 page endeavor (including front and back cover page art) may come across as any number of genres. For those following my art you should know that its all largely INTERIOR ENVISIONING. An ANTI REALITY machine forced into some kind of sequential madness. I began work on the V.V.V around November/December 2009 and found no energy to complete it. it was FORCING me to elave it alone. NULL wanted to drink and druq himself out completely before the new year set in so i could not push him. The bastard.  But one cannot prod Geniuses and must allow his procedures, blackouts and epiphanies to run its course. He's swimming back though. 97% of the art is finished and remixed. 89% of the words have been planted across the art. This is largely tuning up and locking down time and the final CHILD should (MUST( be done by its give birth date of 01-02-2010.  After which, an EXHIBITION of sorts should be manifested by 03-03-2010. original paintings and official launch of the VISUAL BOOK> VVV

2) BRAIN ETC (____INSERT WHATEVER FAVORABLE WORD HERE___) ALCHEMY / ZENHAIN THE WANDERER / and other small dream/blog/blah entries. 

 to break the monotony and possible death boredom of just working within one expression, there comes the the words. written in short burst paragraphic style and cross posted to my various blogs and word noise journals. resurrection of http://ocean-friction.livejournal.com/ or rather the posting again at this journal was a crucial and nostalgic move. It lay dead for a while, a ffew months here and there, but i decided to cross post to it through posterous http://nullified.posterous.com/ which is a handy emailing posting thing. ok so yes. NOSIE OF THE BRAIN type entries. as regular as possible (now dating #4 entries in 2 weeks or so. Maybe it isn't that regular after all but. something,. for now.  To loosen the bowels of the writing mind, May be collected at the end of the year and released in flesh and bone print paper. These things build up and could add to the repertoire of bibliomancy

Then to keep the heartbeat of fictional monsters going, ZENHAIN THE WANDERER is another short burst style serialized thing that would, like above, be collected into some semi coherent NOVEL of sorts by the end of the year. Essentially the whole thing has no destination. its just one nomadic wanderer going through the motions and talking )if ever) to other wanderers ad infinitum. Its a way of expressing and enlarging my internal need to keep moving. through cities, streets, countries, planets, levels of consciousness. So far running at #3 entries. and keeping to the rule of not using 'I' (i wonder if i had broken the rule so far, i do not think so.) See how and where this thing can go.   but this wandering jew  of my mind is really just a distraction from the actual  FIRST NOVEL   discussed below. 


this monster collects FIVE YEARS worth of NANOWRIMO (2 failed / 3 accomplished) That gives the total output so far to about 200,000 words or so. And its been a running thing, with barely visible threads and characters and webs trying to fondle each other in the dark. I have to end the run at some point so that future Nano's could focus on a new direction, new world or meta world of sorts. So to edit and put together everything written so far into ONE NOVEL. could take me all year. But the target deal, as i have just decided, the target date of release should be 20-10-2010.  Work on the editing has already begun and there is some kind of system or organizing principle involved, with a vague way of contextualizing everything. it may or may not change depending on how well it serves t o mesh everything together into one holistic. gestalt, big picture monstrosity. Pray for me, i humbly ask of you all. 

4) 30 DAY ARTIST OCTOBER 2010. No direction as of yet. 40 art pieces. Though it will clash with the finalizing of the NOVEL. it is , as usual, the month of intensity. 

so this is, in large, the framework for art/writing in 2010 for me. a superstructure of sorts, forming the birth canal to materialization from a constantly dreaming soul. 
I ask the patron Deities of ART and THOTH the God OF Writing to help me see through these goals. That all effort put into accomplishing these directives be, like Magick, powerful methods for SOUL TRANSFORMATION AND ASCENSION.

May It BE
So It Is.

I AM! 


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