zenhain the wanderer #2

 Groaning, the hefty people rise and struggle out the narrow paths. Side by side dogs roar a hungry trade of meat and narcotics. Frightened boys torn away from families, agrression of the men in masks. Turn away light glaring down from dirtied lamposts. The bus arrives not and the throngs move through and fro. Dark settles in. anotehr batch shoved. Impatient for cigarettes looking back at canal eating old butts.

Prevention of going to sleep, the fire warms blistered hands camera watchful. Dogs eyes red in the black.

A pain breaks down in the ehad. Not now not now. O wis ded enters.

/LIVER. CONDRITE. NESHIMA. OVARA./  run be the prince pauper. Overhead beacons beckon. Where is your soul?

::Unanswerable. Fatigue. Nothing here to say.


:: Leave. Be-battled. Weary sleep. Dream furor.

Pain leaves peace of mind restored. Burdened eyes no sight of bus. Candle to the left goes out. Hearing weeping. love of dogs. Beaten and ferociousness by the man of masks. Pity heartfelt. Love to the animals. Francis. Deliver them. francis, save these generations.  

Lock not with the eyes of the mask. Await the exit. Await the gruel and fuel of the soot of the busses. In twilight it comes. The black windowed mammoth, In twilight boarded. Distance ahead, ever lengthened.  

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