Year Of The Empress

The Numerology of 2010 adds up to 3. A divinely inspired number, you can think of the Trinity, which expresses itself out in some pantheons (Christianity and Hinduism included) and in some spiritual art concepts (the triangle being a spiritual form) and of course in occult concepts with the triangle representing the four elements. Tow facing up two facing down. 

the Empress is the card of love and nature. It is also one third of the triune aspect of the Goddess. The mother. Consider the card as the nurturer, about connecting with your natural inner self and nurturing your powers and your truth. It is about compassion, caring for yourself and others even more in this new year. The third Sephira in the Tree OF Life (Cabala) is the energy vortex of Binah or understanding. The road this year would lead many to an even greater understanding of the self and where it is destined to head towards, The great tip at the top of the pyramid triangle. Spiritual contact and affirmation. 

This year, express yourself creatively. Give birth and nurture ideas that are deeply meaningful for you. The child needs to be fed and needs to grow. Take your time and effort to help this maturity process of your inner child. He/she wants to be a part of your psyche. He/she wants to give you an outlet for expression, that such expressions would not only change you but transform the world. 

The other numbers connected to this year is 2 and 1. The High Priestess and The Magician respectively. Again, these two are expressions of magickal will and inner wisdom and understanding. Creation is a magickal act. Go out there this year and create something new and powerful for yourself. You deserve it. You require it. It is part of your nature to create. Iti may be new circumstances, new work projects or art projects, new relationships and a new self. Become someone bigger and better than last year. It i s your destiny and your right to evolve. Never stop yourself and know that in times of hardship and oppression, The Great Mother is There to shelter you from the storm and to feed you the strength that you need to move forward and bring new life into your world. 

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