Brain Noise Alchemy #1

Welcome Mentalnauts.

Ten glowing fingers (incl thumbs) outstretch like stop signs (or giving signs?) in the numberless dark. 

Behold! The end of TV mobile. No more noise in the alley. Late night rides in silence now. Remove ear bud music. Listen listen to the streets passing by and the sleeping commuters. Be thanking the silence. There is rest now between stations. There is space to contemplate the days. To know what has gone wrong and right. To make amends for tomorrow. To shadow chase till the dawn comes. Remaining in safety of the sleep. There is reason here at last. 

Byst, the night of dreams. Labyrinth clothes way, there is a sweet young girl down the corner (The Maiden). Sitting down folding clothes of the GAP.There is a brown t-shirt scattered on the floor (ah disrespect.) Pick it up. It is a tool to pick her up. Passed it to her. It's not a usual routine but there shall , is , was a common pattern. Always on t eh return path, again and again just to watch her fold clothes. several days. regular work. To pass her by. But not saying anything to her though i'm obviously smitten and smoted. Snuff! 

I was in anotehr store. Where I used to work. Closing down. behind the counter. She, who was young, now was a young mother (The maternal)  and she enters behind the counter where I am. "Is this how it will be?" or something. Referring to the way i just went on by the maiden (her) without taking ACTION. I gave this young mother my name card, "IN case your friend needs a reading (tarot) "That's the way!" She encouraged me. patting me on the head with her words. I still love her, but not the way i loved themaiden. This was motherly. 

Then I was in a black van (omnious) She sat in front, she removed her wig and showed her grey hair, neatly bundled up (ah, the CRONE now) "That is better." My other self said.
This other self who was a muscular boy gigolo. He (or me?) proceeded to shove cotton wool down his throat then using the long arm of a teddy bear began deep throating himself. Then I was in my room. and next to me my other self grinning, with a boy before him. 

Then Gay sex. Arms moving in and out of sleeves. Bodies writhing. Brown tanned bodies. Toned. Muscular slim jims. 

Three lizards on my bed side table. WHich then appeared on the bed. On the TV there were a host of black spiders escaping a TV.

"the lizards! lizards!" I yelled. Tried to move away. ONe started towards me, sashaying. 

I yelled as i woke up then laughed out loudly at my own panic. Mentalnauts. Unreal.

Second phase dream:

There were four of us, each meant to read one of the four key religious text (probably christian in nature.) But my text was missing from the book.  The organizer was some small man. 

There was much unspoken, unrecognizable or forgotten in the dreams. A series of purges,, remnant memories belonging to OTHER people. Energies from the island the days before, catching up from me, out of me.  But i enjoyed the triple goddess reference. That similar, familiar short haired woman. She recurs in dreams over the decades. Perhaps in the end, I will meet her. Perhaps, in the end, she will be another dream. 

Television and clothes. The day in the city was about those. Floors and floors of the human soft shell, defining personalities and sex. It would be boring for all of them to be naked though 'ape shall never kill ape' and the beauties are all so skin deep. I miss the souls. The Soulfulness. There are so little of them these days. Hidden away as the others go about with their clothes on clothes among clothes. 

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