Abstract Brain Therapy inducing brain noise alchemy #2

where we find composure in steam loss.

hello river. what sugars are in your stones. river never stopping but the man here is sitting, sitting, a buddha disturbed by ants.
you see, troubled waters come and go and we define the shape of the pebbles by the force of the gush. it washes over the rough till it is smooth to the touch like a young thigh.

a borderline crack across the heavens. ah heathen. one step backwards two step front. The house of the rising sun will see to our calamities.

quickly we eat the burgers so we can get on with the action. there is no wind here and teh stickiness is bothersome somewhat. but "this too shall pass." as a fair friend had written.
it's curious to see how somethings in the new year is the same as the last, how continuity pays no heed to hours of resolutions. do we want a revolution to a certain degree? somethings are better left unchanged while others should be unhinged, reversed engineered and smelt like the gaping mouth of a stomach wound. all guts all glory , friend, there are shadows that dance about our consciousness still.

oh plague, oh short hours! enough of this brewed tea. The milk has caused our guts to soften. our hands are dirty and we must seek the cloth. come! overtake us, for our ride with the valkyries ain;t over yet. 

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