Evening light of the first

The Wind stopped at midnight and the stillness came among the noise. Between the corners of the island where the waters swelled and waned, a Great Silhouette of a Figure stood looming. watching over the  masses with their shadows and dreams and aspirations for 2010. Key readings urged for valor, for fighting for what one believes in, for taking powers back, for pushing boundaries. 

If along the path, the burden grows, the night grows longer, connect back to the original intention. Remember the first time, the reason for being and choosing. Remember why one had chosen the path. Renew your faith. 

Remove limitations, external or within. Break free from storm and stress with the war path of the Gods. Remember your power. 

The channeled light descended, vibrations raised, then the silence of he streets made space for gentle reflections. In that space I listened to angels, to the lady who  "shines white light and wants to show", and to the night man who said, "we are programmed to receive." 

"All is quiet on New year's Day."

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