march of the magi

Every year I try to write something about the infamous three, The star followers from the Eternal Tale… The magicians journey to find the crowned and conquering child. 

Every year I walk with them, in my own way, bearing gifts to the those reborn, for those about to see with new eyes and for those who had been there all the while. 
The Desert Star marks the place, and i find my way to the shared and common story. A deck goes to rest while the Hall is graced with the pink rock of the heart. 
I drink the milk of the nourisher, I lock the intentions of the ladies and Gentlemen of the Light into the new crystal. I shuffle and keep safe the cards of VIA. 
Tonight, the camp fires are lit in the places of silence, to counteract the velocity and noise of the city. The great purging in the morning, with its torrential temper and bleakness paved the way for a still and fulfilling sun set. The night calls with its infant fervor and makes  way for the God who rides a donkey. 

Hello friend. We kneel among your haystacks again, long before you transform into the white rider, armed with the sword of the ever light. 
11:22pm Xmas Eve 2009.

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