Avalon Speaks

<b>THE LADY OF THE LAKE – COURAGE -SELF RESPECT-RESPONSIBILITY </b> She rises out of the waters of spirituality to offer a sword. That which cuts through self-doubt. That which kills the self-accusing, self-defeating powers of 'being too hard on ourselves.' We must stop this LACK OF FAITH. We are powerful children of the cosmos. Our heart beats with the source of life and light. We are children of God and must not forget that. Tonight. Today. TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. Everything that you've given away to doubt, to the voice of others, to the demands of those who do not know your true self, take the power back. Recalibrate. Pick up your arms and fight again. This is not the time to give up or to turn our backs to our higher calling. Though the road is hard and long ahead, BELIEVE that it is worth it, that it is just another challenge for the warrior of light within you. LET NOTHING BE IN YOUR WAY to the TRUTH and LOVE that you seek, that you give, that you dream of. <b> THE BUTTERFLY – BEAUTY OF TRANSFORMATION</b> Spread your wings. You are no longer crushed in your cocoon of fear and restrictions and limitations. Break Free my child. Let go. release yourself. Open up yourself to the beauty of transformation. Your soul is an everlasting light. Your soul is as beautiful as a sunrise, as a shower of stars, as the colors of the rainbow. Seek to Soar for that is your birth right. Do not limit yourself. You are not that slow moving caterpillar. You are like a flash of lightning from the Heavens, here t o electrify the world you live in and the souls around you. You are not the sad rain that falls on a weak life. You are the wind. Swift and steady. Strong and powerful. Fly, My children. The sun awaits your great ascend. THE FROG – RELEASING EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE – CLEARING HOUSE YOu've piled on the hurt and the weight of the world. You've carried the burden of mistakes and the yoke of personal pain. NO MORE. Let it all go. It is finished. It is past. It is no more your punishment. It never was. We simply could not let it drop because of what? we believe we deserved it? we believe that we are no good? Release all your baggages to the Great Source, The Radiant One. In its light, all our stains shall be washed cleaned. In the light of the Everlasting, all our blemishes shall be like dust in the wind. Clear out your cluttered mind and heart. Let the right one in. Make space for peace and good will and a determination to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. To GROW. To LOVE. There is no more time to waste on what is gone or what is past. There is only now. Choose to move forward now. Let nothing hold you back. Be free. THE MERLIN – ALCHEMY – BALANCE – MAGIC Magic and Might is with you. Assimilate your learnings. Put together your experience and let it transform into wisdom. Use what you've learnt. Participate after you've activated. Take action following inspiration. The world and your life is filled with A GREAT MAGIC. and The Greatest Magic is that which TRANSFORMS YOU into who you TRULY ARE. Keep Seeking. Keep Learning. Keep moving. Then all the Great Powers shall journey with you. This is a promise from the stars. This is the promise of MERLIN, the wise Wizard that is in ALL OF US. We are ONE with Magic. Magic is ONE with us. Believe.

Posted via email from AFTERVOLTER PRESS

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